16 Shades of Black

by Straight Panic

Cupcake 14:45
Ugly Bunny 14:45


The spectrum of bad feelings, shapeless forms in darkness, undefined yet visible; this is hitting rock bottom and going deeper. 16 shades of Black—the nuance that separates "being sad" from melancholy from depression from suicidal ideation from self-destructive hedonism, et al. "Cupcake" and "Ugly Bunny," things with positive cultural associations but, actually, bad influences. This is plaque tartar and bad skin, borderline alcoholism and medical obesity; insomnia and night terrors and a very German work ethic. If Pig is the soundtrack to giving in, this is the sound of giving up. A spectral death rattle that's all in the head, and thus propels the captive audience (the "Self") further into self-inflicted depravity and degradation. DJ Speedsick's spiral; The Minotaur in the House of Leaves. Life is a death sentence.

MS20, scrap metal, tapes, Stereofield, Tryophyte, vodka, urine, broken glass

Recorded Aug-Oct 2020
Providence, RI


released August 20, 2021


all rights reserved



deathbed tapes


Harsh Noise, Industrial, & Power Electronics

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