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Love Song for the Dead One

by Trou Aux Rats

1 14:46
2 14:52



When you slept forgotten
Under the greasy earth
My license will be planted standing on your chest

Before you get rid of your cheeks
In bad plants
Outputs dark and stinky circles
Where the worms will swarm

For you who sleep for others
It will be a new torment,
A very sweet remorse,
Will come on your grave
Despite the rites, the crosses,
Licking your bones

I will be this remorse
In the dark night
Fleeing the day, I'm going to bark
Like a wolf

I am going to dig the earth
Return the manure
Break the awkward wood that squeezes
Your dreamy carrion

Oh, as in your still vermilion heart
I will satisfy all my love
Oh, with what joy I'm going to sink my nails
In your sweet belly

And in your ear
It was so beautiful
I'm going to whisper the words
Who will burn your brain
Like a hot iron

When you say to me, why are you biting me?
Why are you crying ?
I'll answer you: I do not remember,
What beautiful hair do you have?

Do not you remember your long hair?
Which covers your shoulders
And very dark and deep eyes
Full of yellow flames?

And the daring of your bust and the opulence of the hip?
Do not you remember your beauty
Provocative and white?

You are not this bare chest
In my eyes, you manipulated them.
You are this absolute in my palace,
Of stone and freshness

And I loved you, and I fell to you,
Before and all these new nights
When you looked at me, I wanted
To die under your feet

Hollow sepulcher is the right reason to go out
Nude your flesh that I admire
The nail on the pillory, which we promise to the world

Here I will come back to you
You will be served by my unreason
And the echo of my pleasure
Will never go out


released September 23, 2019

executed and recorded by Romain Perrot


all rights reserved



deathbed tapes


Harsh Noise, Industrial, & Power Electronics


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