Pig (Part I) 14:48


Left to my own devices. Untrustworthy scum. Unhygienic. Sleazy. Predatory creeping. A hand around the throat, warm spittle and saliva flung towards open mouth. Face pressed into crevice and crease, smell of rank pits drug across the cheek, sweat-slicked hair matted by lapping tongue, flossing nicotine yellow teeth. Musk of swamp ass, crotch rot, deep breath of a jockstrap stained by piss, semi-daily cum stains, half-wiped ass, another 12 hours of physical exertion. A voice, "good boy," but the praise isn't the goal, it just greases the wheels. Chin up. Lips parted. Torch touches glass, quartz shards melt into a thick fog, becomes cloud, becomes razor focus. Thick cock flops forward, veined shaft hangs heavy, head pinched between forefinger and thumb. "Say 'ah.'" Inch by stiffening inch, pressure against the soft palate, inhale, swallow. Warm stream of pre-drank beer down the gullet. Hand on the back of the head. Pat, pat, pat. Positive reinforcement for negative social behaviour. Imagine the disappointment from your favorite elementary school teacher. "Bend over." Disgust from your guidance counselor. "Spread that hole." The shock and quiet centrist shame on the face of your academic advisor. "How many fingers." Heavy sigh that your case worker should be immune to, but yet here they are. "More." Defiled by your own hand. Debased by your own impulses, desires, appetites. Tongue lapping at puckered hole, nose almost broken, crammed against taint, slobbering until the dampness between jaw and crack is the same membrane. Pushed facedown, ass up. Rough strange hands gripping hips. "Fuck yeah, pig." Entered roughly, inch after hard, bare inch. Sheathed and bottomed out in one solid thrust. Poppers held to each nostril, left then right. Deep inhale. Humid fog envelops the brain, dissolves what inhibition remains. Hips bucking in a perverse rodeo. 100-thread count sheets rub and bunch around the knees. Commercial air conditioner chills beaded sweat. TV in the next room blaring, sound of car door slamming in the parking lot below. Distractions. Proof of an impending come down. Unacceptable. Glass pipe to the lips, another fog rolling in. Feral lizard brain. Rutting in heat. Human voices reduced to snarling, guttural snorts. Drooling, eyes rolled back. Bodies sweat slicked and feverish. Wet slapping of exposed skin on skin. Don't think of a butcher shop. Jackhammer pummeling increases. Sharp intake of breath. Neck in the crook of an elbow. Teeth gritting in the ear. "Breed that pig hole, big brother." Ancestry.com wishes they were this much fun. Warm internal throbbing, jetty spurts, thick genetic resin. Gasping, shivering. "Don't move." Warm stream filling internal canal. Arm releases, hand resumes grip on back of skull. Face pressed into stable mattress. "Take it, little bro." Warm swelling. Unholstered sidearm. Crack on the ass. Sound of zipper. Cough. "Giddyup." Footsteps to door, unlatched, blast of crisp organic oxygen, car exhaust, second-hand smoke. Muscles finally unwind, weak body roll to back. Wet silhouette. Mocking Turin. Palms peel second skinslick sheen, serpent coils forth, devours itself forever. Slave to its senses. Bestial insanity. Sated and starving. Rooting through filth for next divine fix.


released August 19, 2019


all rights reserved



deathbed tapes


Harsh Noise, Industrial, & Power Electronics

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