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The Dream of a Fetus in Heavy Oil

by Contagious Orgasm

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Hector Quezada
Hector Quezada thumbnail
Hector Quezada Uncanny to say the least Favorite track: Mutation Information Field.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter thumbnail
Michael Carter The title of this describes the music perfectly.Two long tracks that suggest being in some type of limbo,neither dead or alive,trapped.I suppose this could be described as sound collages,nightmares of a life not lived.It reminded me of the first time I saw Eraserhead.
Ben Harris
Ben Harris thumbnail
Ben Harris I love the sampling of very archetypal sounds in this one, those weirdly familiar noises of blades scraping, Buddhist chanting, bird song, etc that are irreversibly ingrained into our collective imagination. I was expecting a far harsher industrial album, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the weirder audio-collage route Contagious Orgasm took on these two tracks. Favorite track: I Don't Know Why I'm Alive and I'm Going Out Alone.
Saffron Robe
Saffron Robe thumbnail
Saffron Robe Quite ambient really and very atmospheric as noted below. I like it!
Austin Daniel Colvis
Austin Daniel Colvis thumbnail
Austin Daniel Colvis Sensational. I first listened to this in the midst of an intense thunderstorm and needless to say it was fitting. The record instills confusion and uncertainty, and with that an overwhelming sense of doom. Excellent release, cannot wait for more from this artist. Favorite track: I Don't Know Why I'm Alive and I'm Going Out Alone.


Originally released on Deathbed Tapes June 10, 2019
Reissued on Deathbed Tapes April 8, 2022.


released April 8, 2022

composed and performed by H.H.
recorded and mix at Cool Anatomy, 2019


all rights reserved



deathbed tapes


Harsh Noise, Industrial, & Power Electronics


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